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Puppy First Groom £15
Making your dog feel secure during grooming starts at regular appointments from being a puppy. This gentle treatment will keep your puppy fresh and healthy.

Puppy Package £25
A gentle way to introduce your puppy to the world of grooming with 2 little visits, each a little longer in time. Ensuring their first full groom is a positive and calm experience.

Nail Clipping *on its own £5
Nail polish £3
Wash and Blow Dry from £10
(eg Chihuahua)

Dry Brush from £7
Full body brush with moisturising coat spritz to avoid hair damage. Great for coat maintenance to avoid matting.

De-shedding with optional bath from £20
De-shedding service to reduce seasonal shedding, especially for breeds with undercoats. Full brush out, high powered blow dry and optional massage bath.

Facial Fold Cleaning *on its own £3
Facial fold cleaning to maintain skin health. Suited to bulldog breeds.

Ear Cleaning *on its own £5
Gentle ear cleaning to reduce waxy build up and maintain ear hygiene.

Tear Stain Facial £7
Relaxing and gentle blueberry facial and tear stain removal. Excessive staining will require more than one session.

Pawdicure *on it’s own £15
Paws are soaked and gently massaged with anti bacterial hibiscrub treatment wash, hair trimmed between paws and pads and claws trimmed.



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