The Flexible Dog Groomer!

Hello! My name is Lauren and i’m the proud owner of Tamed Tails Dog Grooming! I am an in-house mobile Dog Groomer who covers Heywood, Bury and many other areas of Manchester! I started in-house mobile dog grooming after always feeling really anxious taking my little ones to the salon, my dog Pepper can get very nervous with her nails (like most pooches!) and I wanted to make sure that she and other dogs can have the best possible experience when it comes to dog grooming. I absolutely love in house dog grooming, you can be with your pooches throughout the entire way and be there to hold a paw if they need 🙂

Mobile Dog Grooming Prices

Small Dogs From £30 – £35

Medium Dogs From £35 -£40

Large Dogs From £40+

Treatments are from £3 per product



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