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Hi I would like to welcome you to my site.

My name is Pauline and I am the proprietor of Vanity Fur.

Here at Vanity Fur I always aim to give your dog the very best care, by looking after your dog in a friendly and professional manner. I feel that handling of the dog is as an important a part of the grooming process as the actual grooming itself. Customers dogs are treated as my own so please have no worries about booking your dog in for a Full Grooming Service today!

Full Dog Grooming Service
A full groom includes:

Coat brushed thoroughly
First clip or/and scissor
Full spa treatment using professional shampoo’s (best suited to your dogs coat & skin type) with deep cleansing properties & essential oils.
Towel dry and blow dry for the best finish
Clipping or scissor styled to your requirements or breed standard.
Full preventative care treatment given as required, including: Nails trimmed, ears cleaned & plucked, eyes cleaned and cleared of any debris, sanitation area cleared, hair between pads cleared out & skin checked



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